Friday, May 25, 2007

7 Random Things About Me........

I've been tagged by Charlie for this post, so here are 7 things some of you may, or may not, know about me.....

7. I was the typical jock in high school. Played football and basketball with moderate success in both, earning 7 varsity letters. Went on to play basketball for a year in college....

6. After first year of college I traded in my basketball shoes for a barstool.....

5. After 2 more heavily intoxicated years of college I traded in my barstool, hair comb, and textbooks for dreadlocks and a ticket stub (or hundreds). Traveled the country. Phil and Friends tour. Phish tour. My subaru station wagon was my home. Learned many lessons, sold a few veggie burritos, and had way too much fun.

4. Today I look like the high school jock, think like the traveling gypsy, and live my life somewhere in the middle.

3. I analyze everthing, thinking it up, down, inside, and out.

2. I believe in things I cannot see.

1. Endurance sports are my newfound intoxication...but maybe this is obvious.

So, I suppose I must tag 3 more....Well, seeing on how I have only a select few bloggersphere cyber-friends and I'm not going to tag someone who's already done this...that leaves 2 people for me to tag. Jodi and IM Able. Oh, I don't even know if you read my blog and you aren't a tri blogger, but Erin you're tagged too. Alright peeps, You're it!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Footrace, My Bicycle, Basketball, and A Bit of Narcissism

O.K., it took much deliberating but the verdict is half marathon tomorrow for me. My calf is better, but not 100%, and it is not worth the risk of reinjury so early in the season. I will postpone my first half marathon only because I know there is more in store just around the corner. Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow. I will be there cheering you on and putting in a long ride with Amaterasu later in the day. I offered to volunteer tomorrow, but by the time I contacted the proper people the volunteer spots had been filled. Apparently there is no shortage of volunteers for this race. Alright Clevelanders!!!

The Cavaliers are deserving of some praise for their arrival in the Eastern Conference Finals. Detroit will be a tough, tough anyone following the playoffs knows. I will stand by my prediction that I made early this season that if they get good backcourt production from anyone (Sasha, Gibson, Hughes), make free-throws, and rebound the ball well they will land in the Finals. Who would have believed that Dallas and Phoenix would be watching the Western Conference finals from home? That is shocking. The San Antonio/Utah series will go seven games and is almost a toss up, but Tim Duncun will prove to be the factor to push the Spurs into the finals.

Now, if I can be narcissistic for a moment (assuming blogging in and of itself, is not narcissistic) I'd like to share with you that I did indeed achieve my first perfect semester in my many years of higher learning. I felt acomplished when I opened my grade sheet to see this:

Deductive Logic: A
Contemporary Urban Issues: A
Economics of Policy Analysis: A

Hrs. completed: 12
GPA: 4.0

After many years of disinterest in actually finishing my bachelor's degree, and failed attempts to enroll, earn a degree and enjoy my studies, I am finally enjoying my academic opportunity and am eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. A career change is on the horizon, along with a B.S. and plans for a M.S. I am entering a new degree program at CSU (I've already been labeled the departments guinea pig) with a major in Economic Development and a minor in Environmental Studies. The Economic Development degree brings with it a G.I.S. certificate, and honing my mapmaking skills is something I eagerly anticipate. The M.S. degree is offered via a "fast track" in which I will be able to double count courses for both my B.S. and my M.S. in my final semesters. Now, if anyone is interested in donating to this cause simply send me an e-mail...personal checks, money orders, and paypal accepted ;-)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dust off the Asics and grab the fuelbelt.....

Work ends and I had to head to the post office and I'm kind of in a hurry and want to get in a workout in a short amount of time so what do I do???? Run to the post office. Yes, I ran.....3 weeks and the calf seems ready to go. Just in time for Rite Aid!!! Hmmm, should I do it? I can take it nice and slow and I'll PR since it's my first half-marathon. I can get a feel for the distance. My "take it easy and get back into the swing of things" run today was a 5 miler in 45 minutes. The calf felt great!!! My quads are a in a bit of shock, but they just need a few 3 to 5 milers to reawaken. I can put in a few miles this weekend and early in the week and then Rite Aid on Sunday. Hmmmmmmm.......

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

At the crest of the hill, looking down the other side...

Tomorrow, I have my last bit of work to complete to finish up my first semester @ CSU, a final exam on propositional logic. The last week or so has been hectic between trying to finish everything up for my classes and trying to enjoy the consistent 70 degree, sunny days by hanging out with Amaterasu. The last couple of weeks have been pretty steady base building in preparation for some high mileage rides this summer. I spent the better part of the last 3 or 4 months without a lick of spinning, indoors or out. So far, I feel great. The 20 to 30 mile rides @ around 17 mph aren't taking much out of me. This weekend I'm planning a 50 miler or so and then next weekend it's Pedal with Pete, and with my commute to and from the ride and the metric century it would put me at around an 80 mile day. If the 50 miler this weekend goes well, that will be the plan. Thus far, not one mile of running since the calf strain, and I'm thinking the Cleveland half may not be in my cards. Besides, it will be a joy to peddle around downtown and cheer on all the other runners. Daisy Duc and Charlie will be rockin' the streets of Cleveland!!!! For the sake of a bit of foot pain, I sure hope that their blazing speed doesn't melt the bottom of their sneakers and force them to run barefoot....which some crazy people say is beneficial.

Last weekend I spent May 4th in Kent, to commemorate the tragic events of that day in 1970. One of the most interesting aspects of the commemoration was the hostility that many students had towards the event. I walked by 2 fraternity houses that flew giant banners voicing their opinions. One read, "I support our troops, not the hippies," and the other read "Bring home our troops so they can beat up the hippies." Here's my idea: maybe our troops can come home so they quit dying. Not too far back I met a local triathlete who will be competing this year with one leg because his other leg was blown off by a suicide bomber while he was on tour in Iraq. I've always wondered why people often make the assumption that just because someone is opposed to war, or in this case the Iraq war, that they are not supportive of our troops or our country. Here is my feeling on the matter: There are young men and women over in Iraq that are risking their lives to bring me cheap oil, national security, or whatever else they may be fighting for over there. The bottom line is that there is no way I can repay those that lost their lives, or have been injured, or even those that come home alive, but have put their life on the line. Nothing I have to offer will suffice. I am extremely thankful that someone would make such a sacrifice, But, THEY SHOULD NOT BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! I'll leave my ramblings on the subject at that.

As I sat at Taco Tonto's eating a sweet potato burrito (yum!!) and sipping on a Tecate I watched the anti-war protest across the street and tried to imagine what it would be like to experience something so tragic as occurred in 1970. I thought of myself in my early college years, and the difficulties I faced while trying to find my path in this life. I thought about the scars that would have been left, if during my turbulent young adult years I set out to try and make the world around me a better place only to find a friend of mine lying dead at my feet on the campus that I called home. I found that I cannot even fathom such a fate.

I enjoyed listening to Gene Young speak about his experience at Jackson State shortly after the events in Kent in 1970. Mr. Young's booming, powerful voice trembled as he moved his speech onto the topic of civil rights from war protests. He spoke of Martin Luther King Jr. and I seethed with admiration for Dr. King. What strength a man must have to continue to live in the public spotlight knowing he has a giant bulls eye on his chest and many willing hands holding a trigger. After Mr. Young was done speaking I realized that May 4th was a terrible and tragic event and I realized that it is only one of many such events in the history of the great United States of America. We do live in the greatest country in the world, but we are not free from tragedy. Teach and Unlearn.