Sunday, March 18, 2007

Just before a moment of equality.....

Been thinking about the passing of time this weekend. Must be the changing of the seasons. The equionox is on Tuesday and the birds know it. I stood outside this morning and although there were patches of snow on the ground and it was just above freezing the trees were alive with song.

I get particularly nostalgic around the equinox. Life and death has cycled yet again and I am witnessing it for the 31st time. After all these years one would think life would be easy. Hardly. I do enjoy a challenge. Maybe it is the year of the dragon in which I was born or the Leo moon that hung overhead as I took my first breathe that has presented me with a life full of challenges. I create them.

I had tried to live an idle life at one point. Imagine someone sitting under a tree whilst their hair grows and you might get it. Here's the catch, this idle man sitting under the tree is still challenging himself....thinking through the mysteries of the universe, or, if nothing else pondering the mysteries of this life and his experiences in it.

For me the mental challenge was not enough and the Dragon gains satisfaction, apparently, from physical challenges as well.

I push on and on and my heart beats fast for hours until my experience becomes surreal. The vivid color of the tree with it's prefectly amorphous shape against the sky/cloud splatter heavens and soft cool breeze bird harmony is bliss.

I was reunited with Amaterasu today. Boy oh boy, the places she takes me......

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break Beyond 20 Something....

Spring break just ain't like it used to be. My vacation has been and will continue to be spent here in Northeast Ohio. Thus far the highlights of my break have been 1) the sun shining on me whilst riding my bicycle and 2)a stationary fuel cell conference that took place on Monday in Cleveland.

I will not take time to ramble on about energy issues much (today) in my blog, but I will say that if anyone is interested in moving past fossil fuels and seeing our great state of Ohio develop an industry in alternative/advanced energy you should contact Gov. Strickland, or any other politician involved in the decision making in the state and urge them to not only support, but implement in a timely fashion an advanced energy portfolio standard for the state. Gov. Strickland and those in Columbus are moving foreward on this, albeit slowly, and there is technology ready to be brought to market in Ohio but it will not be competitive in the current energy market without some changes in legislation. So, those in Columbus cannot drag their feet on this and it must be accomplished ASAP. Rant off.

Yes, I rode my bicycle outside in shorts this week. It was glorious. Tuesday morning I went out for a spin around 10:00 a.m. and it was around 60 degrees and sunny. Wednesday after work, at rush hour, I decided to spin the 15 mile round trip to the post office to drop off the mail. It has been a while since I've ridden the streets of Akron during rush hour and I had almost forgotten about my nemisis, the aggresive motorist. Three motorists hollard obsenities while driving by and countless motorists came withing arms reach at speeds ranging from 25 to 50 mph. Ahh, the excitement of peddling through the city. This is nothing compared to the experience Charlie had on his commute and, indeed, dogs are often scarier than cars.

I have (another) minor muscle tear in my left calf. This has been nagging me on and off for the past 2 and a half years, since I began distance running, and I thought I had it figured out as I have been injury free for months until last Friday. I will only have to take a week or 2 off of running, but this puts a little pressure on me to be as prepared as I would like to be for the half marathon in May. I did put in a 9 miler last week, but it would be nice to get some speedwork in over the next couple of months. Makes me wonder if it is just a bit of divine intervention telling me that now that spring is here I should throw the running shoes in the closet and mount the trusty bicycle often enough to spin my first double century.....nah, i think the gods are telling me that if I really want to be a triathlete I must remember the importance of yoga.


Clear the mind.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Back from the depths of the textbook...

I am back in bloggerland. I have been bogged (as opposed to blogged) down with my studies and work and training, but no more. I'll be bogged down with blogging from this day least I'll find some time to stop by bloggerland and type a bit.

Training is good. I have increased my swim workouts to 1000 meters. My form is improving with every workout and my stroke count has dropped tremendously since I first got in the pool this winter. Soon, I'll bump the workouts up to 1250 meters. I am on the training path to my first half marathon in May. So far so good...but thus far my long run has only been 6 miles and will double over the next couple of months leading up to the race. Over the last month I came to grips with the fact that I am officially addicted to endorphins. Could be worse....

Spring break is next week and I'll be spending it in Northeast Ohio. I'm welcoming the opportunity to have a lax schedule for a week. I may count my pennies, splurge on some extra gasoline for the tank and some marshmellow's, and try to spend a few days in the forest somewhere. If so I'll be sure to share pictures.

If you get the chance, watch The Prestige, it's a pretty cool movie. If you like magic, inventors, energy (as in electricy and such), conspiracies, and/or mysteries you'll love it. And trust me, you'll be fooled.

Time to catch some Z's....I won't be gone so long this time......