Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spring again??!!??

This morning whilst sipping on my morning coffee, I flipped through my Patagonia Heart of Winter 2008 Catalog and anticipated the 60 degree afternoon staying dry (and windy) in order that I could donn some shorts and take Amaterasu for a spin. It looks like the rain is holding off, for now, and that if I quit blogging and hurry up an finish up some work I can squeeze a ride in this afternoon. In shorts. On January 8. In Northeast Ohio.

Even though this is a perfect opportunity to mention climate change, I won't ;-) We did have some warm spells last winter, but I don't think any of them took us to 60 degrees.

As for the Buckeyes, they were outplayed. They needed to establish the run and control the clock, and they didn't.......Which was better than last year, when they didn't even show up. Now, all of my hopes are lying on the shoulders of the Cavaliers (at least until baseball season).

Lebron was the NBA's player of the week last week. The Cavaliers won 3 straight. Their defense looks like it may have reappeared, but their backcourt is still a big mess, particularly on the offensive end of the court. Boobie has been the only guard to show any consistency, but h0w much can you rely on him, in his 2nd year in the league, to be a one man backcourt?? This year, with Detroit playing so well and dem Celtics looking nearly unbeatable (which they aren't), it is going to be a long, tough series of games in the Eastern Conference playoffs.....and the Cavs won't make it through without a deep and consistent backcourt. Funny thing is they seem to have the talent, they just can't find a rhythm (or the rotation) to make it work. Maybe Danny Ferry needs to shake things up a bit and make a trade??


Veg*Triathlete said...

Shorts!!! I hope you have a great ride! We, too, had a heat wave this weekend, but it was the sort good for opening up the windows a bit and perhaps stepping out with no hat for a change. The thick layers of snow and ice melted some, creating a slippy slush, not very conducive to riding, in my mind. Enjoy your semi-tropical spin!

Charlie said...

Hope you got a ride in. It was nice while it lasted. Sure took the sting out of the OSU loss.

I am off to have a beer and watch thew cavs.

DaisyDuc said...

Sweet, hope you enjoyed your ride!


TriSaraTops said...

Hey, looky who I found! :)

Yeah, this weather is rockin'...I'm just glad we got some sunshine. I would rather it be 20 degrees and sunny than the 40 and cloudy we usually get this time of year...although I can't argue with 67. Except that whole climate change thing. Maybe I shouldn't be so happy about it? ha ha

See ya at triswimming! As long as J sleeps well I've been trying to hit the 8:30am class.

Charlie said...

We getting pancakes?
Actually, I am a bit to broke to spend right now, so I most likely wont be indulging. but I'm wondering if you are swimming tommorrow. Should I hang after my workout and wait for you?

Charlie said...

The 20th it is then. This is good, as I will be able to enjoy the vegan goodness.